Summit Welcome: Event History, Philosophy, and Goals

Speakers: Robert Lue and Jenny Bergeron

PANEL ONE: What Does Inclusion Mean for Our Campuses?

Speakers: Rakesh Khurana and Harry Elam

PANEL TWO: What is Our Responsibility to Our Students?

Speakers: Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Jonathan Holloway and Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu. 

Remarks on Academic Inclusion in Higher Education 

Speakers: Drew Faust, Richard Light and Dan Levy

Inclusion at the US Air Force Academy

Speakers: Richard Light and Dana Born 

PANEL THREE: Academic Innovations in STEM

Speakers: Robert Lue, Philip Uri Treisman, Elizabeth F. McCormack, and Talithia D. Williams

Spotlight: Remarks on Inclusion at Elite Universities

Speakers: Richard Light and Rachel Gable 

PANEL FOUR: Academic Innovations in Writing and The Humanities

Speakers: Khristina Gonzalez, Thomas Jehn and Roosevelt Montás