Meet the team behind the summit



Richard Light is the Carl H. Pforzheimer Professor of Education. His Ph.D. is from Harvard in Statistics. Light has been asked by four Harvard presidents over the past twenty years to explore ways to improve the undergraduate experience both at Harvard and also for a diverse group of other, quite different colleges.

To accomplish this he created the Harvard Assessment Seminars, a consortium of leaders from 25 colleges and universities, with the common goal to carry out research on enhancing college effectiveness.  One of Richard Light’s special interests is to work on strengthening the connections between high schools and success for students as they start colleges that are demanding.

Richard is author of Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds (2001). This book won The Stone Award for best book on education and society. It has become one of the three best selling books in the 98-year history of the Harvard University Press. He is coauthor of Summing Up: The Science of Reviewing Research with David Pillemer, 1984); and he is co-author of By Design: Planning Research on Higher Education (with Judith Singer and John Willett, 1990), both published by Harvard Univ. Press.  He has been Chairman of the Panel on Youth for the National Academy of Sciences, elected President of the American Evaluation Association, and has served as a member of the National Boards of the U. S. Government Accountability Office and the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. He is an elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of The National Academy of Education. Richard has won the Paul Lazarsfeld Award for distinguished contributions to science, and has been named by Vanderbilt University’s Chancellor’s Lecture Series as one of America’s great teachers.

RObert A. Lue

Robert Lue is the Richard L. Menschel Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, where he is responsible for fostering innovative teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and elevating its profile on campus. Additionally, Rob is a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in biology from Harvard and has taught undergraduate courses since 1988, garnering recognition as one of Harvard’s foremost leaders in undergraduate education. Rob has a longstanding commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research. As the faculty director of the Harvard-Allston Education Portal, Rob oversees the integration of undergraduate education with community outreach on Harvard’s Allston campus, and in 2012, Rob’s extensive work on using technology to enhance learning took a new direction when he became the faculty director of HarvardX. At HarvardX, the Harvard component of the edX partnership in online education with MIT, Rob helps to shape Harvard’s engagement in online learning in a way that reinforces the university’s commitment to teaching excellence and works to expand Harvard’s reach and impact globally. For a decade, he served as the director of Life Sciences Education at Harvard, where he led a complete redesign of the introductory curriculum that created some of the largest and most popular science courses on campus.

Jenny Bergeron

Jenny Bergeron, PhD, is the Director of Educational Research and Evaluation at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning where she oversees evaluation and research of Harvard’s leading educational initiatives. As a strong proponent of evidence-based policy and reform in higher education, Bergeron has a longstanding commitment of helping to envision and realize projects that can transform the practice of education at top American universities as well as research in higher education. Over the past five years at Harvard, she has implemented a number of studies that have largely focused on how to best engage Harvard undergraduates from the academic, personal and social perspectives. Her efforts have helped the University in transforming its undergraduate general education curriculum, the redesign of new educational spaces, and the development of innovative pedagogical approaches that meet the diversity in learning needs of Harvard undergraduates. Her work has also extended across campus to the T.H Chan School of Public Health, where she is working with academic leadership to study the implementation of Harvard’s first online degree program designed to serve M.D.s and other health care professionals both within the United States and abroad.

Bergeron is a trained psychometrician with a research focus in Educational Psychology and has over 10 years of experience working in Higher Education. Before coming to Harvard, she served as a leader in assessment and evaluation at Stanford University. Working with faculty and administration, she helped Stanford evaluate a number of its academic programs. Bergeron has served as an external evaluator at a number of top American institutions including California Institute of Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and most recently, Boston College. She has also served as an evaluation consultant nationally and internationally on projects for NSF, NIH, the Teagle Foundation and the US Department of Education.  Jenny can be reached by email at


Colleen manages a variety of programs and initiatives essential to the Bok Center organizational goal of supporting the faculty and graduate student teachers at Harvard. Collaborating with subject matter experts, she works to facilitate programming that helps to showcase and make accessible the work of Harvard's best teachers.  Colleen works with programs across different areas of focus at the Bok Center, including the Bok Seminars and the Bok Teaching Certificate Programs, The Fall Teaching Conference, Winter Teaching Week, as well as other events and workshops with faculty and graduate student teachers across Harvard and its affiliates. 


Karen Pearce is the Director of Institutional Research in the Office of the Provost at Harvard University.


As an Education Research Analyst for the Bok Center’s Educational Research and Assesment Program, Courtney works closely with faculty and staff to design and implement evaluations of current pedagogical practices. In particular, she works closely with the Harvard School of Public Health to study the impact of online learning on student outcomes. Before joining the Bok Center, Courtney was the Senior Statistician for the New Mexico Public Education Department, where she conducted program and policy evaluations for PK-16 initiatives across the state. She holds Master’s degrees in both Quantitative Methods for Educational Psychology and Urban Education Policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brown University, respectively.