Videos for most sessions at this year’s Summit are featured below. If you have any questions, please email Colleen Noonan at


Opening Remarks: Truth, Excellence, and Opportunity: Restoring Public Confidence in American Higher Education

Speaker: Lawrence Bacow

Preserving the Essential Elements of Higher Education While Meeting Public Expectations

Speaker: Holden Thorp

Laboratories of Democracy: Rethinking Higher Education as a Public Good 

Speaker: Paula Johnson

Higher Education and the American Dream

Speaker: Bridget Terry Long

Non-Vocational Higher Education: Lessons from 2000 Interviews on 10 Disparate Campuses

Speaker: Howard Gardner

Changing the Climate: Liberal Arts and the Public Good

Speaker: Caroline Levander

Community-Based Learning Courses in Statistics: Could Selection Bias be a Good Thing?

Speaker: Lynne Steuerle Schofield

Citizens, Thinkers, and Writers in New Haven, Connecticut

Speaker: Bryan Garsten

Educating for Democracy in Polarized Times

Speaker: Nancy Thomas

Why Is the Public Trust in Higher Education So Alarmingly Low, and What Could Be Done About It?

Speaker: Richard K. Miller


Beyond the Ivory Tower: Public Service in the 21st Century

Speaker: Mark Gearan